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by Chris Sheehy | Sidewalk Branding Business Citations Are Any Mention Of Your Business Name And Primary Contact Information On Other Webpages. This primary data is often called NAP and consists of your business name, address, and phone number (NAP - you get the picture). Examples of a business citation are your online Yellow-Pages directory listing, or a business listing on your local Chamber of Commerce website.  Your social media sites also have references of your business NAP, and those are also citations. SOUNDS SIMPLE ENOUGH, BUT WE HAVE FOUND THAT 70% OF ALL BUSINESSES HAVE CITATION ERRORS THAT IMPACT ONLINE LOCAL VISIBILITY These citations are important for local marketing because they are a verification element search engines use to confirm the facts about your business and exactly where it’s located.  The more qualified the data search engines have about you... (more)

Where Do Search Engines Get Their Information?

By Chris Sheehy | Sidewalk Branding   Have you ever wondered where search engines got their information? Well, you probably know that search engines gather information about your business directly from the words on your website – but you may be surprised to learn your government and other industries also play a part in your online visibility. Here is a (rare) list of data sources by a search engine: Dun & Bradstreet US Federal Government State Governments SEC filings company websites our users and more As if that’s not scary enough – same goes for your bank, credit card company, ... (more)

Apple Ousts Google – here’s how to get your business listed on DuckDuckGo

 Apple Just Announced it is replacing Google Search with the alternative search engine DuckDuckGo. So you should probably be thinking about how well your business ranks on SEO experts know that Google isn’t the only search engine that businesses need to be discovered on.  If they want their business to show up on Apple products in the very near future (and they should) – they need to make sure they have high visibility and top ranking on the search engine with the funny name “DuckDuckGo“. So Just How Do You Get Your Business Listed On DuckDuckGo? Since they do not a... (more)

Internet Marketing Metrics – what to measure?

WHAT SHOULD SMALL BUSINESSES BE MEASURING TO TRACK THEIR INTERNET MARKETING SUCCESS? by Chris Sheehy | Sidewalk Branding Company   The answer depends on their goals – but as a baseline, we recommend businesses have a handle on the following 17 internet marketing metrics: (We included +/- signs to show which direction you should be moving toward) Website - Bounce Rate + Conversions + Domain Authority & PageRank + Keyword Ranking + Business Citation Backlinks Created/Corrected + Returning Visitors - Site Page-Load Speed + Site Traffic + Share of Voice (SOV) / Market Penetration + Un... (more)

How I Got Into SEO – My Story

One of the questions I get asked often, is how I got into SEO. Nearly everyone is completely surprised to learn that I didn’t plan on becoming a search engine specialist – not by a long shot. Truth is I came home one day to tell my wife I had quit my corporate job to go-it-alone with my first business (looking back, her reaction wasn’t what I had envisioned, but she has always been my biggest supporter and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her). That was 1997, and like any other bootstrap entrepreneur, I had a ton of ambition but with a new home and our first child on the wa... (more)